This course has been created to give you information about current guidance relating to the pandemic and links to the most up to date advice, as well as exploring how you might be feeling, what you can do to support your mental health at this time and how to  support other people you know, including children and young people and some accessible information.

This course has been designed by specialist occupational therapists. The idea for the course was sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted on peoples’ lives across the world. The course focuses on tips to maintaining occupational balance during these uncertain times and will guide you through the landscape of how an understanding of occupation and how you can refine or learn new skills or knowledge as applied to your life right now. This will help your ability to better achieve occupational balance, make positive changes, and meet your needs and the needs of people around you.

This workbook aims to introduce some ideas about spirituality, and provide a framework that people can use to explore their own spirituality and how it relates to their mental health and wellbeing. There are lots of real life stories along the way to illustrate the ideas.