This course looks at why to create an account, what the benefits can be, what information we need and why as well as information for those who are interested but are under 13 years old.

This course is for children and young people of any age. It looks at the acronym CHIME which stands for Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment. It explains what they are and how they are useful aspects of life with some practical ideas for strengthening them.

This course is for children who are 12 years old or less. It looks at what we mean when we talk about being healthy, how to help keep our feelings healthy as well as knowing our emotions (particularly big emotions) and how to manage them.

This module is for young people aged 13-18. It will help you to understand what mental health means, the signs of mental health problems, common mental health issues and wellbeing and resilience.

This course is for children under 12 years old. It will help you learn more about what resilience is and how to be more resilient.

This course is for young people aged 13-18 years. 

 It will help you to understand: 

  •  What resilience means 
  •  Discovering resilience 
  •  Building resilience