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This course explores what diagnoses are, the classification systems used by professionals, the prevalence of several diagnoses and how experiences occur on a spectrum. Additionally, this course looks at the impact of receiving a diagnosis, the stigma surrounding diagnoses and some of the controversies of some diagnoses. Lastly, this course considers a few possibilities for alternatives to the current diagnostic systems.

This course explores what OCD is, what it isn't, what it's like to live with, how to manage living with it and how therapy and medication may play a role in this.

This course explores social anxiety, looking at its causes, how it feels to experience it and how to manage it.

This course explores the topic of health anxiety. It considers how health anxiety might present itself and looks at self-help techniques for managing health anxiety and where to get further help.

This course was created in conjunction with Chloe Hole, trainee psychologist (Tees Esk and Wear Valley Mental Health Foundation Trust).

This course looks at how anxiety is a normal human response to everyday stresses and explains when anxiety can become a mental health issue. It explains what panic disorder is, what defines a panic attack, dealing with and preventing panic attacks and ways to cope with anxiety disorders including positive coping strategies, relaxation techniques, complementary therapies, psychological therapies and medication used to treat the symptoms of anxiety and panic.

This course provides an overview of delirium and explains why we need to know about it to help raise awareness. It is aimed at those living with mental health issues and those who live with or look after them, members of the public and staff.