Grenfell Outreach Team

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Grenfell Outreach Team

Kensington Cityscape.

The outreach team visits people in temporary accommodation, at community events and goes door-to-door to check if people need NHS help.

This is one example of their work, as reported on the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust website.

On 22 April, the team was offering trauma screening to a tower block in the area. A resident opened her door and welcomed them into her home.

She expressed relief at their arrival. She had been waiting for the NHS to knock on her door, as she had heard from a friend who lived in a neighbouring block that the NHS had been door knocking. She sent her children into another room and said she knew she would be overcome with emotion.

She had lost friends in the Tower, and was concerned for her children’s emotional wellbeing (having nightmares and no longer able to sleep independently).

They had kept their curtains closed for five months after the tragedy, as they couldn’t bear looking at the Tower and were relieved that the Tower is being covered.

The team referred the mother for trauma therapy and both children to child and adolescent mental health services (When Tragedy Strikes, NHS Confederation, 2018).

Follow this link for more information: Grenfell Heath and Wellbeing Service

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