3.3 For young people: Dealing with a major incident

1. Introduction

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This course will take approximately 1-1½ hours to complete, but this timing will depend on how fast you read and how long you spend on the activities and reflective questions. You do not need to complete the whole course in one go. If you leave and come back to the course you can pick up where you left off.

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Have you or someone close to you been involved in a major incident?

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Yes and I need help.

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This course has been written to help you to learn about how a major incident can impact your life and to give you information about how you can help yourself.

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However you are feeling and whatever you are thinking about, you are not alone. These feelings are normal. You are not different, abnormal or weird, you have had an abnormal experience, which is why your feelings might be overwhelming right now.

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I feel like my whole world is upside down

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This is normal. Being there during a major incident will have a big impact on your life. Taking this course will help you to learn about why you are having these feelings and how to get the support you might need.

There is also a story that you might want to look at before or after you read this section, it’s called 'Ready to remember' Jeremy’s story of Hope and Healing. This story also helps you understand your feelings after something difficult has happened and how it can help sometimes to talk about feelings.

Throughout this course you will see the Personal Journal link, below, this is a place where you can note your thoughts as you go through the course - this is confidential to you.

Personal Journal