The Story of Bettrys

Chapter 1 How life was before

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This is a story about Bettrys and her beaver family. It is also about Berth her mother whose name means beautiful, Berthog her dad whose name means wealthy and their three beaver kits, that's the term used for young beavers. Bettrys is their oldest kit, her name means bringer of joy, Brac is the second oldest, his name means free, and Bevyn their youngest kit, whose name means youthful.

Before the awful thing happened, Bettrys loved playing games, she liked scampering about in the woods whatever the weather. She liked opening prickly green shells to find shiny brown conkers, shiny shells and white shiny pebbles from the waters edge.

Mum and dad sometimes helped Bettrys by giving her pebbles they found. She kept her treasure together in a small hollow log, each time she looked at them they brought back memories of happy times together.

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She also loved spending time with Bevyn and Brac, as the oldest beaver she knew it was her job to help take care of them. She liked to teach them the skills that mum and dad had taught her like how to store juicy bark wood and how to keep their cosy lodge clean. Mum and dad could took care of them all by getting food, building dams and keeping the lodge strong.

This was how her life was before, when they had all lived together underneath the dam on the river. Their lodge had a room to store food and to dry off in when they swam into it straight from the river. There was also a family room where they ate and slept together, shared stories and played games.

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