1.2 Dealing with the Personal Impact of a Major Incident

1. Introduction

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This course will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete, but this timing will depend on how fast you read and how long you spend on the activities and reflective questions. You do not need to complete the whole course in one go. If you leave and come back to the course you can pick up where you left off.


To increase awareness of how a major incident might impact on us

To explore common psychological reactions to a major incident

To provide information about how to deal with the impact from a personal perspective

To provide practical advice for staff who are dealing with the effects of a major incident, both personally and professionally

To give tips on how to support other people affected directly or indirectly

To provide information about post traumatic growth and how creativity can aid recovery.

The course includes information for the general public and staff who are directly or indirectly affected by a major incident. It also considers the impact for staff as responders to disaster incidents. It could also be relevant to anyone interested in learning more about responses to major incidents for their own learning and for pre-preparedness.

This course defines what a major incident is and explores the common psychological reactions to disaster trauma. It suggests ways of coping and offers guidance about where and how to locate additional sources of help.

The course might be useful for anyone who has experienced their own personal serious incident even if there have not been many casualties.

This course also has a discussion forum, if you're interested in participating you can access this using the link here.

Throughout this course you will see the Personal Journal link, below, this is a place where you can note your thoughts as you go through the course - this is confidential to you.

Personal Journal